Our Mission

Our mission at NRJSPICE FOOD LLC is to provide the best quality products with the freshest ingredients available. We also pride ourselves with making our products in smaller batches to maintain the highest level of quality possible. We have a passion and desire that separates us from others in the gourmet food retail market by providing wholesome food items you can trust. We have been around since 2010 professionally in this venture to provide customers with special products not readily available in the food market. We continue to improve our products and use only the freshest products available year round. All hot sauce and BBQ sauce production is done through Gourmet Central, a co-packer out of Romney West Virginia. Our products are all natural and we don't use artificial ingredients or preservatives. We offer gluten free products and dont use GMO"s in our products as well. Please comment in the blog section about any products you have used and how you used them. Thanks for you continued support, sincerely, Randy Johnston.




Welcome to NRJSPICE.COM. Thanks for checking out our new site and we hope you find some wonderful yummy items to stock your fridge and your pantry. Happy shopping!

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