NRJSPICE Grilled Shrimp Kebobs

NRJSPICE Grilled Shrimp Kebobs

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Jazzy Jumbo Shrimp Kebobs

20 Large shrimp (whatever size you want)
10 wooden skewers
6.0 Oz. Jar of Jazzy Jalapeno Jelly

2 Tbsp. NRJ Spice Bounty Blend


·        Take the shrimp and peel them leaving the tails on and cover with NRJ Spice.


·        Put half of the jar of jelly in a gallon zip lock bag along with all the shrimp.


·        Massage the shrimp in the bag until completely coated. Let the bag sit in the refrigerator for an hour.


·        Put the rest of the jelly in a sauce pan with a little water. Bring back to a liquid and leave on low.


·        Put 2 shrimp on each skewer and throw on a medium hot grill.


·       Once you flip the shrimp, brush on the jelly in the sauce pan. After you've brushed either side or when the shrimp are done, you have a jazzed up appetizer for 10.